Car Fragrance

Car Fragrance


Easy to use Car Fragrance.

Attaches to rear-view mirror.


Colour choice can be Black or Pink.


Choose your scent from a wide variety of fragrances and choose which colour you'd like. 


It's that easy!

  • How to Use Car Fragrance

    Remove lid and stopper.

    Shake slightly to allow scent to absorb into cork lid, being careful, to ensure none is spilled then attach fragrance to your rear-view mirror. Occasionally give your bottle a slight shake to allow fragrance to absorb into cork throughout use.

  • Disclaimer

    Please note the diffusers work using natural reaction with the wooden, corked lid and oil. Some parts are exposed therefore you are purchasing at your own risk as contact with plastic and textiles can cause damage. 

    I am not liable for any spillages, leaks, or potential damage caused to your vehicle whilst in use. Keep upright at all times and wipe with a damp cloth if spillage occurs.